Day 2

I can get used to this.
He’s not annoying me, I’m just going to have to adjust. I’m not used to having him around during the days.
So, I got up around 9 today and closed the bedroom door so he could sleep some more. I took Sammy and Noki with me because they’re relentless. I fed them early so HER ENDLESS meowing wouldn’t wake Gary up. Then it started.

Sammy had cattitude. There was meowing. There was hissing. There were furballs flying. They were running from one side of the house to the other.. massive giant catballs of claws and fur.

I had enough so I snatched up Sammy and tossed him in the room with Gary to separate them. Turns out it WASN’T Sammy with the cattitude it was Noki. She was at the bedroom door with as much of her paw that she could shove under it. SO I opened the door.. she runs in .. he runs out.. bam.. problem solved.

Then Gary got up. He was behaving today.. for the most part (and yes Michael before he shaves he’s a furry freak too). It’s just the little things like.. I’m trying to watch my ‘normal morning shows (Er, Chasing Amy) and he plops hisself right down where I was sitting (when I got up to get a drink).. And this Jag obsession.. I guess it comes on USA in the morning? But he watches it and this is the worst show I’ve ever seen in my life. Dude.. they’re MILITARY lawyers… but SOMEHOW every episode they’re off in the jungle/desert/mountains dodging bullets and killing terrorists/bad guys. It just cracks me up.

Now Gary is gone for work. The cats are sleeping. The house is quiet.
I have a really pretty iron curtain rod that I hung over the bed and draped a goldish colored silk window shaw over it. Makes for a gorgeous and unique headboard.
I think I’m going to go relax with this book for a bit. Then I have some work to do and Cherrys to bug. :D

And don’t you worry about that idiot from the previous 2 posts. He got his. Let’s just say.. call someone a “Jackass”.. and then use the same password for EVERYTHING. :D