Come on…Let me just Put it in…

la la la

Day day day.. what a day.

Hope called me this morning crying about her leaving Chris and blah blah but I was butt ass tired so I just asked her ‘Is this an April Fools’ joke?” which it was..

K and Hope and I went up to the shop to bring the guys dinner and K decided to move her husband’s truck. The truck is his baby. So when he called her cell tonight right after work flipping out it was pretty funny. I wish I could have seen his face.

Today was MandaPanda’s birthday. We spoiled her rotton and we’re taking her for the pedicure/manicure thing next week.

I got most of my work done today. I just have to upload everything for peeps.

BlogExplosion however pissed me off.
I must have gotten about 50 people who submitted “April Fools Sites”. Of course I wouldn’t approve any … “I hate Jews”? Um… all they did was waste my time.. literally and pissed me off enough to take down account names.

Basically my day was .. normal.. and my weekend will be secluded in this room working..

And no those were not my boobs. I’m not trying to get divorce papers here.

3T, sorry for corrupting your daughter! I did laugh when I read she tries to sneak on here but now I feel like some child corrupting *bad word*. I promise I’m on my best behavior around kids..

Oh and Happy Birthday Vern!

/end rambling